Comment on BNP Immigration Policy by T.S.Andrews.

“We need a well thought out immigration policy”

For the time being, a very strict “exceptional cases only” policy seems more sensible to me. There are over 2m unemployed (excess workers) yet we are allowing more people into the country. Granted, this figure isn’t as large once you factor in immigration, but it still adds up. Question is this: if there is already large unemployment, why is the govt. still so keen on immigration? Don’t get me wrong, if there’s job shortages or plenty of room to accommodate people then by all means allow immigration.

The problem with UKIP’s policy is that it specifies an exact date to cut immigration. Why is this an issue? Allowing immigration may still be unwise after the five year period (or it may be fine to allow immigration before the five year period).

A more sensible policy would be to halt immigration for an unspecified time until the need (and ability to accommodate) for larger scale immigration arises again, and on the understanding that immigrants pledge loyalty to UK of GB and NI.

With regards to football, I couldn’t really care less about the game. However, football is big business and is a stimulus for the economy so I would imagine foreign footballers would be considered an “exceptional case” because they add to the country (albeit not in a “first-hand” sense). And if they weren’t considered an “exceptional case”? If this affected the country badly, the BNP (or another party, if they adopted a similar line) would be voted out of office * .

[*] This is assuming, of course, they got into power. Being realistic, the BNPs first goal would be to get one seat from one of their strongholds. Let’s face it, although it would be a jolly good kick in the bum for LibLabCon they are hardly going to have much power with just one MP. (Though one MP is not a waste as it’d serve as a nice reminder to the politicians who is ultimately in charge – the people).

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