Comment on BNP Immigration Policy by Peejay.

The one thing you, David, and most pro-immigration
people, seem to conveniently miss is that most of the general public – about 70% – do not want this tiny overcrowded island to become even more overcrowded.

Also, there is more involved than “the colour of skin”. Immigrants are having huge families, insisting on special treatment,changing our way of life, and making life just so damn complicated. It’s becoming a nightmare.

Saying inter-racial marriage is going to prevent ‘in-breeding’ is just a red herring. The gene-pool in a population this size is vast!

This genetic ‘reason’ is JUST the sort of stupid reason that Labour would love – along with “they help the economy”, “they will look after our ageing population”, and “there are no true British – so let in everyone in the world”. All reasons dreamt up recently by the left to brainwash the electorate.

The overwhelming reason people are supporting the BNP is that this country is FULL UP.

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