Comment on BNP Immigration Policy by David.

I allow the pro BNP comments (and I posted all the BNP policies I found on their site) because I believe in democracy and free speech. I also hate political correctness, I own another site (own about 100) that has amongst other jokes, racist jokes (gets up to 6,000 visitors a day most related to black and white jokes, I don’t mind being called a cracker), if you saw that site in isolation you’d assume I was a racist (one page has over 600 user comments).

I’m white and English, born in Derbyshire and was brought up to a small degree with a racist attitude: not out right racism, but it was there deep down (Pakistani owned shops were called Paki shops, not so deep down really!). It took going to University to study genetics/evolution to really open my eyes to how retarded racism is.

We all SHOULD know inbreeding is bad (we don’t marry our cousins :)) and yet when it comes to skin colour some racial purists believe it’s bad to mix races with no scientific basis for their belief.

Why is melanin skin content so important?

Mixing up genetics is what keeps a population healthy, the more we mix our genetic makeup the less likely our offspring will suffer from many genetic diseases (recessive genetic diseases in particular).

Interesting example to show how genetic diversity is important: malaria is a serious problem in a lot of countries, there’s evidence carrying one sickle cell anemia gene (which is harmless if you have one copy) can protect an individual from severe malaria attacks (a malaria attack is when the red blood cells sickle or burst due to the malaria parasites growing within). The sickle cell anemia gene is a recessive gene, which means both parents must carry the sickle cell anemia gene to have a chance of passing two copies to their children resulting in sickle cell anemia (awful disease).

Children born with sickle cell anemia don’t do well, but those born with one copy of the sickle cell anemia gene are healthy and have some protection from contracting malaria and from suffering severe malaria attacks. Carrying one gene means the red blood cells are easier to sickle/burst and so the malaria parasite has less chance to take hold (the red blood cells burst before the parasite fully matures = lower parasite load).

There’s a benefit (evolutionary advantage) in carrying one copy of the sickle cell anemia gene in high malaria locations, but it’s not good to have two. This is where genetic diversity comes into play, black people have a higher probability of carrying this gene compared to white people, with a mixed race child (black/white parents for example) you have less chance of their offspring obtaining two copies of the sickle cell anemia gene, but a better chance of obtaining one copy of the gene than from two black parents/two white parents.

Expand this out to all sorts of genes that are terrible when you get two copies and some where one is harmless or beneficial and you can see mixing up our genetics is good for the health of the worlds populations.

Take away a few superficial features like skin colour, hair type/colour etc… and underneath we are all the same. Black people have black skin because their ancestors lived in a high UV location, it’s a protective mechanism to reduce the risks of skin cancer. My ancestors (black people) who migrated to less UV rich locations (like the UK) lost their skin pigmentation (they became white like me) because it served no purpose, in fact it harmed them because with less UV light black skin makes it harder to create vitamin D. So there’s an evolutionary advantage to having white skin if you live in a cool climate like the UK.

It’s dumb to hate a race of people just because of their colour.

The BNP leadership might not openly say/do out right racist things now, but it’s there in the background just waiting for an opportunity to act if they ever get real power. They’ve gone from hating blacks because they are black to hating Muslims because of the fear of the Islamification of the UK, always blaming someone for our problems.

Now protecting our culture that’s a different thing. There are aspects of English/British culture I don’t want to loose, but by the same token I’m open to gaining new ideas from other cultures. If we stood still in cultural terms we’d still be living in caves and I wouldn’t be enjoying a nice cup of tea while I type this (tea isn’t from the UK).

I don’t understand how an intelligent person (like yourself) could vote for the BNP knowing the type of people who run the BNP party, I just don’t get it? Agreeing to a degree with some of their policies, maybe, but voting for the people who run the BNP, NEVER!


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