Comment on BNP Immigration Policy by VoteNo ToBNP.

Actually it was a little over 945,000 so not one million, and they haven’t even gone over the million if we add on all the votes they have got since the EU elections.

15 Million people voted in the EU Election and only 945,000 voted for the BNP that’s 14 million 55 thousand THAT DIDN’T so not such a good number now is it really.

Actually if memory servs only arounf 6.6% of the overall votes cast ……. :-(

And remember UKIP jick ya ass with 13 MEP’s and the Tories Kick Ya Ass with 26, the BNP same as the greens on 2 and I would like to point out that the Greens actually polled more votes that the BNP at the EU Elections with just over 1.2 Million.

hahahahahahaha don’t look so hot now does it.

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