Australia’s Meat Trade Fights EU Food Ban.

In Australia they can legally kill and eat Kangaroo’s, something I didn’t really know about. But this has come under fierce debate, people are objecting to the killing of the animal in order to sell the meat to the open market because if a mother Roo is shot with a Joey in her pouch then the hunter has to kill the Joey.

How the food is sold and prepared is interesting, they use the hide of the animal as leather and the meat for human consumption, also all unused meat is fed to other animals.
This industry may sound barbaric, but is efficient and in face value no more mean than the beef, lamb and pork industry in the UK. It is hypocritical to disagree with Kangaroo killing for food then to eat a nice piece of pork or beef for dinner.

Killing a small and defenceless animal would be sickening to many people but most of the time not killing the baby kangaroo is an even more cruel fate then an instant death. Most of the time the Joey would have to starve to death and fall to predation.

I agree with the hunters this brings apart the hunt-masters in the UK hunting foxes by hound. And the Hunters in Australia killing Kangaroo’s efficiently and effectively with a gun, I have seen on TV how they hunt and these hunters are trained marksmen who have been shooting for a while they almost always get an instant kill. also these hunters have to make money in order to survive, it is their choice to kill a kangaroo in order to put food on the table.
But some people disagree saying killing a baby kangaroo is cruel and inhumane.

I myself wouldn’t mind having a nice Roo Steak for dinner /drool (apparently they taste very nice).

What is your opinion?
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Author: Caleb Law age: 13