Comment on Are the BNP Racists? by James Bradley.

There seems to be a lot people here, confusing RACISM with PATRIOTISM. The BNP are patriotic, in that they believe in fighting for and keeping what the British people have gained over the millennia. It is nothing to do with racism.
Briefly; the British created their country from humble beginnings, going back to the Roman times, where they learnt a lot, such as glass blowing, agriculture and road building from militarily superior and knowledgeable Roman invaders. Then the Normans fought their way in, which the Brits put up with for hundreds of years -but now benefit from a quite a good French based legal system. Since then Britain has really ‘taken off’ and had the industrial revolution and built the best Navy in the World and created the greatest empire the World has ever known. Today, Britain is still an affluent and first rate country, which unfortunately makes it a magnet for the Worlds down and outs, parasites and economic migrants, as well as the hordes of pseudo refugees. So now, quite rightly the proud and patriotic British people are very angry at being told they must ACCEPT the millions of immigrant, who are not militarily superior or particularly knowledgeable or useful and who have done absolutely nothing for Britain. The British find it particularly galling as the immigrants expect to be given everything that the British people have worked hard to get over the centuries.
The British people have always aimed to defend their lands from invaders, as best they can. For example in the last World War, millions of British lost their lives defending Britain from foreign invaders. However, they now wonder why they bothered, as it appears that ANYONE can now enter Britain and will be given EVERYTHING, including free housing, free healthcare, free education, free legal aid and free money!
Worse still, the foreigners who have come to Britain, now think they have the right to get the British people to change their laws to suit them! Eg immigrants must not be offended with British or Christian symbols, like the Union Jack flag, Christian crosses worn in public,Xmas cards, Carol singing and England football shirts in schools etc etc. Even worse, the recent (treacherous) British governments have passed laws actually preventing the general public from complaining about it, with out fear of prosecution!
So, the outraged British public now feel they are under a full scale foreign invasion, which is being actively encouraged and organised by the British government and which they can do absolutely nothing about!
Even the mass media are complicit in this treachery; by not highlighting the problem or even discussing it. Yet Britain is undergoing huge changes, greatly affecting everyone and the changes are becoming irreversible!
So, it should be clear that racism does not come into it and that it is basic powerful patriotism the British have for their great country, their way of life and their heritage, that makes them vote for a patriotic Party like the BNP who state they will stop these changes.