Comment on Are the BNP Racists? by Fed up with idiots.

Ok so they are honest because they say the same sensationalist crap that you read in the daily mail and that you swallow without question because… frankly… you are an idiot? The BNP are racist thugs. Their leadership has criminal convictions for violence. You think that’s lies made up by the establishment? And yet you don’t think to question the honesty of what you read in the daily fail? Their voters are gullible daily mail reading knuckleheaded retards unable to think for themselves. I despair of this country. Not the politicians, but the amount of brain dead citizens. Reading the comments here doesn’t help.

And another thing, your grandfathers fought and died for this country alongside troops from the caribean and India and yet as soon as these commonwealth soldiers putting their lives on the line for Britain moved here after the war were they welcomed with gratitude? no- idiots like the present day BNP voters made their lives hell. And yet the twats here actually claim to be speaking on behalf of Britain’s soldiers of WW2??! That amazes me!