Paul Oakley a London barrister, former Young Conservative Chairman for London and Parliamentary candidate joined UKIP on Saturday at the Rally Against Debt.

In a barnstorming impromptu speech he renounced his Tory Party membership and handed Nigel Farage his first year’s subscription, as you can see on the homepage.
We asked Paul, (pictured, right), some questions about his decision,
Mr Oakley, that was quite a public way to join the Party, was it a spur of the moment decision, or is it something that you have been thinking of for a while?
PAUL OAKLEY: I’ve always been open about my EU-realism but the somewhat sinister political class which has taken over the Tory party doesn’t like activists talking about that sort of thing. By contrast, the leaders as well as the members of UKIP have always struck me as a down-to-earth bunch who are happy to engage in discussion and debate. I had a quick chat with Nigel on Saturday about the possibility of coming on board but I didn’t need much convincing by that time as it really was the obvious thing to do.
What were you reasons? Is it just about Europe or are their broader issues?
PAUL OAKLEY: No – there are many more reasons. I figuratively nodded in agreement with each and every UKIP policy at the time of the 2010 election apart from the burka ban. By contrast, the Tory manifesto was the political equivalent of an Elvis Presley soundtrack LP. I really wanted to like it because of who had produced it but in my heart of hearts knew that it was vacuous dross.
How do you think that David Cameron is getting it wrong?
PAUL OAKLEY: Where do I begin? Cameron managed to lose the 2010 election despite the huge incompetence of the Labour government for a start. He is far too comfortable with this coalition which tells us a lot about where his political sympathies lie. Although the spending cuts are necessary, there is no question but that they will hurt the British people and we must never forget that. Nonetheless, he has immediately handed over the money saved to bail out the failing economies in the Euro zone without a fight. He has involved us in another hugely expensive neo-con escapade in Libya which is no concern of ours. He has bought into the man-made global warming myth which will condemn millions of the most vulnerable in our society to fuel poverty as utility prices skyrocket. I could go on and on . . . .
How do you see joining UKIP will help to achieve your political aims.
PAUL OAKLEY: My main political aim remains as it was: to help free this country from the shackles of the EU from which so much else follows. Ever-increasing UKIP electoral success reflects the disquiet of the British people with the federalist project. One day we will leave. That is certain. When this happens, I will happily give up politics and grow tomatoes instead.
What message do you have for others who might be considering taking the plunge and joining UKIP?
PAUL OAKLEY: There are many, many decent Tory members who have the same concerns about their party. They must understand that the current Conservative leadership will never listen to them. Don’t just leave the Tories as tens of thousands have already done. Join UKIP instead!