That this House recognises the campaign of 14 year-old Leeds resident Nathan Popple, through his website accessibleleeds, to change local authority policies regarding access provision for wheelchair users; considers it perfectly reasonable that wheelchair users at public events should be permitted to enjoy these with their families and friends rather than having to be separated and tobe permitted to be with only one carer; concurs that wherever possible, authorities should seek to accommodate this so that wheelchair users can enjoy events, as non-wheelchair users do, in the company of family and friends; further concurs that local authorities should, wherever possible, consider family and friends of those with disabilities when planning the size of accessible viewing platforms for public events in consideration of the fact that those with disabilities have as much a right to enjoy a social life with family and friends as non-disabled people do; and urges local authorities to work with campaigners such as Nathan to continue to improve access for wheelchair users and their families.

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