How to cut the budget deficit? It is the hot topic of this election – apparently too hot to handle for the leaders of the three old failed parties, none of whom are prepared either to admit the scale of Britain’s budget problem or say how they intend to deal with it.

UKIP recognises the mire the country is in and is prepared to save a massive £50 billion in the first year of a new government. The cuts are funded largely by cutting our membership of the EU – which costs £45m every day – and also with a swingeing cull of the quangos, as mentioned by UKIP’s Nigel Farage on the Today Programme this morning (Friday).

In association with the TaxPayers’ Alliance, UKIP’s Tax and Budget policy document clearly states the 44 quangos and related bodies that would be cut immediately, and the savings achieved by doing so. See a list of these quangos below.

For the full Tax, Budget and the Economy policy, including further lists of spending cuts, see the policy page.

Quango (saving achieved by cutting it)

Office for Fair Access (£413,000)

National College for School Leadership (£82,974,000)

BECTA (£10,459,000)

School Food Trust (£6,436,000)

Commission for Architecture and Built Environment (£11,590,000)

Thurrock, London Thames Gateway and Northamptonshire Development Corporations (£125,048,000)

Sustainable Development Commission (£3,117,000)

Carbon Trust (£93,580,000)

All Regional Development Agencies (£2,212,016,000)

Low Pay Commission (£170,052,000)

Renewables Advisory Board (£23,000)

Office for the Childrens Commissioner (£2,931,000)

Partnerships for Schools (£18,789,000)

English Partnerships (£261,009,000)

Community Development Foundation (£1,460,000)

Sport England (£113,296,000)

The Broads Authority (£4,127,000)

Commission for Rural Communities (£8,909,000)

Homegrown Cereals Authority (£264,000)

Government Hospitality Advisory Committee for the Purchase of Wine (£10,000)

Great Britain – China Centre (£300,000)

The Westminster Foundation (£4,100,000)

Wilton Park (£574,000)

Equality and Human Rights Commission (£51,212,000)

Women’s National Commission (£341,000)

Serious Organised Crime Agency (£439,056,000)

Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (£153,000)

National Policing Improvement Agency (£465,000,000)

Arts and Humanities Research Council (£117,357,000)

The Design Council (£6,069,000)

Investors in People (£5,710,000)

Student Loans Company (£66,252,000)

Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information (£107,000)

Judicial Appointments Commission (£7,130,000)

Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman (£494,000)

Legal Services Commission (£129,996,000)

Strategic Investment Board (£7,609,000)

Youth Justice Board (£496,894,000)

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (£1,680,000)

Cycling England (£9,714,000)

Renewable Fuels Agency (£100,000)

UK Debt Management Office (£12,253,000)

Equality 2025 (£515,000)

Social Security Advisory Committee (£433,000)

The Crown Prosecution Service (£646,973,000)

OFSTED (£212,942,000)

PostComm (£0)

UK Trade and Investment (£87,807,000)

General Teaching Council for Scotland (£3,915,000)

HM Inspectorate of Education (£14,348,000)

Learning and Teaching Scotland (£21,166,000)

NHS Education Scotland (£375,149,000)

NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (£16,001,000)

Risk Management Authority (£1,177,000)

Scottish Enterprise (£524,139,000)

Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner (£90,000)

Scottish Qualifications Authority (£15,909,000)

Scottish Screen (£3,100,000)

Sport Scotland (£46,257,000)

Standards Commission for Scotland (£565,000)

Countryside Council for Wales (£41,400,000)

Finance Wales (£3,598,000)

Local Government Boundary Commission (£373,000)

Sports Council for Wales (£26,687,000)

Local Better Regulation Office (£1,621,000)

Union Modernisation Fund Supervisory Board (£0)

Advisory Committee on Advertising (£0)

Commission for the Compact (£1,130,000)

Committee on Standards in Public Life (£640,000)

Children’s Workforce Development Council (£26,807,000)

Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy (£0)

Training and Development Agency for Schools (£777,313,000)

Advisory Panel for the Beacon Scheme (£375,000)

National Community Forum (£150,000)

Olympic Lottery Distributor (£150,701,000)

Advisory Committee on Packaging (£1,000)

Agricultural Wages board for England and Wales (£205,000)

British Wool Marketing Board (£23,212,000)

Association of Chief Police Officers (£18,000,000)

Strategic Health Authorities (£4,960,270,000)