Where UKIP leads, it seems the Westminster elite soon follow. This, of course, happens after the public rebel against Government plans so far out of the mainstream that they border on the ridiculous and unthinkable. 

The British people said loud and clear they would not tolerate Ken Clarke’s plans for soft ‘justice’. But the Government’s announcement that it has ditched plans to halve sentences for dangerous criminals should go further. If the Government was serious about law and order, it would sweep away Labour’s policy of cutting a third off the sentences of those who plead guilty. It would be a sign that a Government is prepared to join UKIP and side with the victims of crime instead of the perpetrators.

But bound by the Human Rights Act and the liberal tendencies forcing their hand on so many issues, we suspect these will just be platitudes from the Government. So many times in the short life of this Government they’ve said one thing to the people and done another in parliament. How can you trust a Government that doesn’t know what it is doing from one day to the next? Can we really be sure that the headline chasing of the Coalition will end up as law? 

UKIP is clear where it stands. We have long been committed to tough sentencing for dangerous criminals, defending the rights of homeowners against intruders and mandatory sentencing for knife crime. The Government should never be on the side of those who infringe the life, liberty and property of the law abiding majority.  While we agree with the principles of the Justice Bill announced – many of which were in the last UKIP manifesto – we simply do not trust this Government to deliver for the British people.