The Conservative Party, who, under John Major, adopted the European Union freedom of movement directive, is directly to blame for the squatter immigration disaster which has wrecked the lives of dozens of British families in Peterborough.

The residents have of late been overrun with squatters from Eastern Europe, with media reports highlighting cases where homeless “migrants” have taken over coal sheds, backyards and even a tree house.

All of the “migrants” refuse to leave. Police and the local council say there is nothing they can do as the squatters have to be removed by the property owners themselves.

In an astonishing act of hypocrisy, local Tory MP Stewart Jackson accused the Labour Party of being responsible for what he called “uncontrolled immigration.”

In reality, it was Mr Jackson’s party who signed up to the EU’s freedom of movement directive, which gave all EU nationals the right of residence in Britain.

The Eastern Europeans have entered Britain without hindrance ever since many of those nations became members of the EU — an organisation to which the Conservative Party is also fully committed.

The media reports from Peterborough have contained horror stories from this Tory party gift to Britain.

One report quoted resident Ian Treasure, 41, who said that a man from the Czech Republic is living in his coal shed and will not leave.

“The area has become overrun and it is disgusting,” Mr Treasure was quoted as saying.

“The worst thing is that nobody is doing anything about it. It just gets worse.

“It all started in November. I was looking out the window and I saw a mattress in my shed. It turned out I had a lodger there.

“I’m not sure how many there are because I try to stay away from them but I’m fed up because they regularly drink in our gardens and take drugs.

“I have asked the man, who speaks broken English and has scabs on his face, to leave dozens of times.

“The angriest I have got was the first time I saw drug needles there in January. I freaked out,” he was quoted as saying.

“The police’s hands are tied. All they can do is move them on. They would be back so it would be a waste of time.”

Another resident, Ricky Smith, 23, said he had tried to remove a squatter in his own shed after he defecated on his lawn.

“I caught him defecating on my lawn, where my dog plays. I had to build a fence to keep him out of that part of the garden so my dog doesn’t get ill playing in his mess.”