UKIP Education spokesman Derek Clark has welcomed the Conservative Party’s conversion to UKIP policy on O-levels

“We are delighted that Michael Gove has been cribbing from our manifesto, but would encourage him to read a bit more. He should turn the page where it says, Restore Grammar Schools’,” said Mr Clark.

The new O-levels must be constructed in consultation with universities and teachers because between them they both teach and implement the results”.

“It is a bit silly however of the Conservative Party to ask for higher academic standards while at the same time being opposed to the creation of new Grammar schools.

“UKIP would like to see growth of a nation-wide network of new Grammar schools to complement the renewed O level examination system.”

“Properly trained teachers do not need to be told what to teach. Experienced head teachers work out their own balance of subjects taught. Support and help for both come from the core of experienced officers which Local Authority Education Departments always had; school governors are not required.

“The GCSE was a worthy replacement but the excellent work done by teachers in producing it was undone by those elsewhere who extended it to the whole ability range at 16, which was never the intention. Hence ‘dumbing down’, which then had to extend upwards to A-levels and to degree courses, wrecking the whole system.”