The ‘Yes’ result from the Irish referendum on the EU fiscal treaty has cemented the nation’s status as an economic vassal state of the European Commission, say UKIP.

Speaking from Dublin where he awaited the result, UKIP Deputy Leader and EFD Group member Paul Nuttall said: “It’s a very sad day for the Irish people, deluded by ‘Yes’ side promises of investment and cowered by economic threats, a majority of the low turnout voted ‘Yes’ and handed more power over their country to the European Commission and ECJ.

“It is cumulative Yes votes to EU treaties which have led Ireland to its current dire economic circumstances.

“On accession it handed over its vast fisheries for the benefit of France and Spain. At Maastricht it handed over its currency and control of its own interest rates which gave it a boom leading to the bust. At Nice it lost control of its borders and immigration policy and at Lisbon it entered into a new Act of (Political) Union, ceding huge power to EU institutions.

“Today’s result cements its status as an economic vassal state to the Troika until 2013 and the European Commission thereafter.

“I hope in a few years, Irish people who love freedom and want prosperity for their country will remember the ‘Yes’ campaign’s promises of jobs and investment with contempt, then once again seek their self-governance from their new masters in Berlin and Brussels.

“We in the EFD Group salute those proud Irishmen and women who voted and campaigned for a ‘No’ vote with noble intentions, for they are Ireland’s hope.”