Comment on Queen’s Jubilee Medal And St John Ambulance by darren.

This medal should not be awarded to members of the voluntary aid societies but only to the men and women of the statatory services as per current eligibility criteria. The members of the v.a.s. do make a contribution to society but no way near the level of skill and responsibility of the statatory services or level of danger.
I feel that if the same medal is awarded to a 22yr old first aid volunteer who has given his time for free at a pop concert that is awarded to a man or women who has given five years service and has faced enemy action in afganistan or fighting fires or dealing with rioters or prisoners or dealing with death and destruction on a daily basis is insulting and devalues the meaning of the reward. Indeed award the v.a.s.members with a seperate civil award that they deserve, maybe their respective organisations should do this.
To me the volunteer bit of eligbility criteria is ther for the special constabulary and r.n.l.i.