This website yesterday posed the question “how much more anti-British could the Tory party be” in relation to their objection to ‘English speaker’ stickers. Well the answer appears to be a lot more, reports our Land and People correspondent.

Take Tory-dominated Surrey Heath Borough Council, located a mere 30 miles or so up the M3 from Southampton where the sticker brouhaha has occurred, our correspondent said.

Last month, the council’s 16-strong planning committee approved an application by the Bengali Welfare Association to tear down a listed Victorian school in a conservation area and to replace it with a traditional domed mosque.

This was done in spite of hundreds of objections from local people and against the recommendation of the council’s own planning experts.

It appears that the controlling Tory group on the council were merely following orders from the Conservative Party’s head office who have launched a desperate effort to wrest as much of the Islamic block vote from Labour as possible.

Unfortunately for the Tory run council, things have not gone to plan. They clearly did not anticipate the indignant and overwhelmingly hostile reaction from local people.

As a result, a decision has been taken to nullify the planning committee’s “final” decision. It is reported that they are to put the planning application before a special gathering of the full council scheduled for February 14th.

Further, it is rumoured that Tory councillors are concerned over the impact their peculiar support for this unpopular project has had on the electorate.

With a general election in the offing, some say they are desperate to dig themselves out of the electoral hole into which they have dug themselves.

One comment, published in the local media, sums up how many local people feel about the mosque proposal:

“If you drive over the railway bridge on the A30 at Blackwater, as I did on Tuesday morning, and because of a sprinkling of snow the whole of the road system was grid locked, I had the opportunity to scan the horizon and feast my eyes on the tall, slim, elegant spire of St Michael’s church, nestling among a wide expanse of trees.

“It is the only thing that dominates that horizon, and rightfully so. Then I imagined what the skyline would be like with the domes and minarets of a mosque directly behind the spire of St Michael’s and facing directly towards it, because that will be its orientation, and believe you me, St Michaels will be blotted out and Eastern architecture will dominate our local landscape. This architecture does not belong in our country, and certainly not in this particular location. It will not be in keeping with the surrounding conservation area.”

The Tories — who are the initiators of the sell-out of British sovereignty to the EU — clearly think nothing of betraying our heritage and culture in return for Muslim votes, concludes our correspondent.

“All of which begs the question, what exactly, are the Conservatives seeking to conserve apart from their place at the trough?”