Comment on Party would honour every British soldier by Pete McWilliams.

Successive Governments have treated serving members and veterans of HM Forces very badly. So badly in some cases that it is abuse. There is so much talk about the lack in modern society of human qualities such as respect, duty, honour and so on. Yet the very element of society that epitomises these qualities are ignored, scorned, abused and abandoned. Politicains would serve themselves and their country much better if they properly recognised and rewarded the Armed Forces. When a person joins the HM Armed Forces, he or she is not just giving up some important rights that civilians enjoy but are signing a blank cheque that says the price they are prepared to pay goes as high as giving up their lives. The other side of the coin is that they are asked by politicians to take other peoples’ lives – something that the cowardly politicians are not prepared to do themselves. That is what “just being a member of the Armed Forces involves”. It might be interesting to do a count of how many modern politicians and civil servants have served in HM Armed Forces. I support your views and I hope your party will use what political influence it has to change attitudes and improve the conditions of serving personnel and veterans.