Latest Government figures show the UK now sends £53 million a day to Brussels, totalling £19.188 billion a year.

And while some of that money is returned to Britain with EU strings attached, even then the UK is losing out to Brussels by a net £30 million a day.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said:  “19 billion here, 19 billion there, pretty soon we are talking real money. In our terms this is as much as we spend on the Home Office and Justice combined.”

“These figures come from the Treasury ‘Pink Book’  which is about as authoritative as you can get, and it makes it clear, year on year we are sending more and more to Brussels.

“That the daily figure has topped £53 million a day is astonishing and something that this Government just cannot be proud of while it attempts to reign in the scourge of public spending.

“We know the costs of Europe, the question remains, what are the benefits? Cameron refuses to sanction a proper study into this, and we know why, there is simply no justification for taking so much from the public purse to fritter elsewhere. Of course by the public purse I mean the taxpayer.”