The appointment of Paul Mahoney as Britain’s new judge at the European Court of Human Rights is another kick in the teeth for the British people, says UKIP’s party leader Nigel Farage.

“The man has barely set foot in the United Kingdom since the 1970s, has never sat as judge in the courts of England and Wales and has no experience whatsoever of dealing with the lives of real British people,” Mr Farage said.


His life has been that of a quintessential European functionary and his appointment is another kick in the teeth for the British people.

“So much for the Tories’ tough talk to reform the ECHR. But what do we expect when committed europhile Ken Clarke draws up the shortlist for the post? All three people on his list were enthusiastic backers of the ECHR.

“Mr Mahoney says it’s ‘inevitable’ that the Strasbourg court makes new law. Instead of finding someone to stand up for British values we now have an apologist for the current human rights regime where the real winners are terrorists and criminals. 

“The wolf has been tasked with looking after the sheep. The British people can expect more absurd decisions out of the European Court of Human Rights while Mr Mahoney can expect £150K tax-free and 12 weeks’ paid holiday. Nice work if you can get it.”