A young councillor from Milton Keynes is the latest Conservative member to leave that party in favour of UKIP.

Cllr Lee Barney, (pictured right) who represents Walton Park ward on Milton Keynes Council, said he was leaving the Conservative group to join UKIP as a result of Tory politics on a national level.

Here is Cllr Barney’s statement in full:

“Local Politicians generally like to believe that they were elected on the basis of their charisma, their personal history or indeed their manifesto. Whilst there are a few electors that would do this, it is by no means the rule of thumb. The truth is that people vote based on party, and when they vote for a party candidate, they do so because they prefer one party’s policies, aims and political leanings over the others. They also vote with those who they think can win.

“It is because of these electors that I must cease to be a Conservative Councillor. Whilst I was proud to stand up for what I believe, I no longer think that the Conservative Party of David Cameron represents those views. I believe that it has strayed so far from them that I would be being dishonest with myself and those who placed their faith in me if I remained.

“I no longer feel that the Conservative party really represents the views held by the majority of Conservative members or voters.

“Today UKIP does represent these views and I felt it my duty to continue representing those electors more honourably by moving to UKIP, which is growing in strength and is providing a voice for more and more people every day.

“I am also deeply hurt that the Coalition Government does not value our troops, serving personnel or their families by cutting troop numbers to 85,000 from 105,000. From personal experience, I know that the one thing every soldier wants is more soldiers not less and I could not continue as a Conservative when my brothers and sisters at arms are being slashed by the people who should be watching their backs.

“The UKIP Party, offer a fresh alternative to the tired parties, their half truths and spin. Their approach to independence from Europe is a sound policy and they, like I believe in a strong Independent Britain with a strong Military ready to meet the concerns of the future.

“I hold libertarian values close to my heart, values of personal responsibility, hard work and a government that gets out of the way of people’s aspirations. Only UKIP seems to do so. At an international, national and local level, UKIP make it clear that they want to roll back the state and get out of our way. The news in the last few days that the Government are going to allow snooping on private correspondence, without the need for an explicit warrant makes it clear that today’s Conservative party no longer has at its heart a clear desire to protect the liberties of people of this land. UKIP does.

“I now add my voice to the growing number of ex Tories and others joining UKIP to put pressure on the mainstream parties to make good on the promises that they proclaimed.”

You can see our growing team of councillors here