Speaking at a meeting with the new French President in Paris, Labour Leader Ed Miliband has today made it absolutely clear he rejects the idea of a referendum on the UK’s relationship with the EU.

He told French Socialist MPs during his visit that, while Labour advocated EU withdrawal in the 1980s, it now believed that Britain’s place is “in Europe and firmly in Europe”. He summarily dismissed any idea of a referendum.

Following Mr Miliband’s remarks, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: “Cameron has already said never to the idea of an in/out referendum. Now Miliband has rejected the idea outright . The walls of the Eurozone are tumbling down, and like something from Blackadder he demands that his troops move forward into the economic machine guns.”

“Now, more than ever, it is becoming obvious that it doesn’t matter what party you have supported in the past, if you believe that this country should govern itself, if you believe in democracy your real home is now UKIP.

“According to the latest polling data 80% of Labour supporters favour a referendum on our relationship with the EU, 45% want one now, and 35% want one in the next couple of years.  It is obvious that Miliband, like Cameron, is running scared of his own members and supporters. So he should, for all decent patriotic people have a somewhere to go that listens and cares about what they think –  UKIP.”