Gordon Brown MP, Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party, today launched Labour’s election pledges in a speech in Nottingham.

The pledges are:

Secure the recovery – Secure the recovery and halve the deficit through economic growth, fair taxes and cuts to lower priority spending.

Raise family living standards – Raise family living standards, keeping mortgage rates as low as possible; increasing tax credits for families with young children; providing new help for first-time buyers; and restoring the link between the state pension and earnings from 2012.

Build a high tech economy – Build a high tech economy, supporting businesses and industry to create 1 million more skilled jobs and modernising our infrastructure with High-Speed Rail, a Green Investment Bank and broadband access for all.

Protect frontline services – Protect frontline investment in policing, schools, childcare and the NHS, with a new guarantee of cancer test results within a week.

Strengthen fairness in communities – Strengthen fairness in communities through an Australian style points-based system to control immigration; guaranteed education, apprenticeships and jobs for young people; and a crack down on anti-social behaviour.

These pledges show our determination to secure the recovery and build a future fair for all.