The British National Party’s Joey Smith has gone back to his roots in the name of fundraising for the party and has reformed his original band, 2BE, to take part in the election road show currently touring the country.

Last weekend the tour raised over £3000 for the election campaign and things are looking just as good for the forthcoming weekends.

“It’s great to be back on the road again for the BNP and it makes it extra special that this time, along with Dave, we’ve managed to reform 2BE,” Mr Smith told BNP News.

“It’s been a tough challenge preparing an audio visual show in such a short time, but I am sure people will love it.”

So far the show has been met with great support drawing large audiences in St Albans and North Wales.

Fellow band member Dave said, “It’s good to be back singing with Joey again, and this time we are doing it for a really good cause.”

The show includes all of your favourite songs along with politically motivated tunes and speeches from officials including Nick Griffin, Jim Dowson and Paul Golding.

Get in touch with your regional organiser to find out when the show is coming your way.

* 2BE gives special thanks to John Walker for sound and light operation, and Paul Golding for the video production.