“You need someone with a bit of spine running the UK.”

So says Harold Sinclair, aged 86,who lives in Hull, East Yorkshire. Harold is the winner of May’s Sovereign Draw who was presented with his Jubilee gold sovereign by Mark Harland, the lottery’s promoter.

Harold (pictured right) has certainly led a fascinating life. He grew up in the Punjab and, after leaving the Dorsetshire Regiment in 1948, he went to Kenya with the Crown Service as a qualified accountant. When his contract finished he joined BP in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) where he worked for 40 years.

Eventually, finding the financial situation in that troubled country intolerable, he and his Glasgow-born wife Elma made the move back to the UK.

“When your pension was measured in millions of dollars worth of Monopoly money, it was time for a rethink,” said Harold.

Settling in Hull in 2000, they now live in a charming house full of mementos of a bygone Imperial era. Harold is razor sharp and he keeps abreast of current and financial affairs daily.

“Why does Britain have to love the whole world?” he says when talking about the UK’s huge overseas aid budget.

“There are better things to spend that money on a lot closer to home.”

Harold has been a UKIP member for six years. He wishes he was not quite so housebound and was more able to take an active roll in the party’s activities in Hull.

He insists, “It is only a matter of time before UKIP have representatives in Parliament. We just need to persevere. The Conservatives can’t make up their mind what they want to be and the LibDems don’t know who they are!”

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