The Party has representatives in three Parliamentary by-elections, as well as Daniella Radice, who is standing to become Bristol’s first elected mayor.

Ms Radice is scoring highly in opinion polls, in fourth place out of 15 – ahead of the Lib Dems and only a few per cent behind the Tories – for projected ‘first choice’ votes, and interestingly leading the race for ‘second choice’ votes.

She has campaigned on investment in renewable energy for the city, and promises to deliver improved public transport, democratically-elected neighbourhood councils, protection for local small and medium-sized businesses and a living wage for all Bristol residents.

Labour candidate Martin Rees has told local newspapers Daniella will be his own ‘second preference’ in tomorrow’s ballot, citing his support for her living wage and environmental policies.

Although this is an encouraging admission from Mr Rees, second choice votes will only be counted for the two leading candidates after all first choice votes are counted. Ms Radice and the Green Party call for voters to follow the motto ‘Daniella then a fella’ in tomorrow’s vote.

Anthony Slaughter is the Green Party’s candidate contesting the Cardiff South and Penarth by-election. He is Chairman of the community-based environmental group Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) and part of the team that organises the popular Penarth Local Food Festival.

Mr. Slaughter said: “While the political establishment insists that there is no Plan B, no choice but their damaging policies of Austerity, the Green Party offers a real alternative. Green policies are essential if we are to move beyond the current financial and environmental crisis.”

Jonathan Hornett is contesting the Corby and East Northants by-election for the Green Party. If elected, he will create local jobs by attracting green investment, stopping cuts to local NHS services, stop local nuclear waste dumping and stop builders from developing greenbelt land.

The seat is expected to be won by Labour, but voters should remember that the reason the Tories’ constituency campaign manager scandalously supported an independent as well as his own candidate was because he opposed renewable energy from wind power.

The Green Party is committed to delivering the renewable energy the country urgently needs.

Mancunian Tom Dylan is the Green Party candidate for the Manchester Central by-election. He was a Green Councillor and Lord Mayor of Norwich. The Green Party received the third highest share of Manchester’s vote in the May 2012 local elections, and hopes to do better at this by-election.

Brian Candeland, Manchester Green Party Speaker, said: “With the Lib Dems linked to Tory policies that hammer the poor and middle class, the economy and ecology, it is only The Greens who have a relevant opposition narrative to the long standing Labour domination of the city.”