Keith Taylor, the
Green MEP for South East England, has responded to Shepway District Council’s
consultation about proposals to build a new nuclear research and disposal
facility on Romney Marsh.


In his response Keith
raises concerns about the risk of flooding on Romney Marsh, the transportation
of nuclear waste and the wrong-headedness of continuing to invest in nuclear
energy instead of clean renewable energy.


Keith said: "The
reason that Dungeness was deselected as a site for a new-build replacement
nuclear power station was that it was too vulnerable to sea-level increases. We
have to accept that the marsh could change profoundly well before the nuclear
waste has ceased to be dangerous. The proposals suggest that measures to
protect the facility from flooding could be incorporated into the design, but given
the many uncertainties about the extent of flood risk or sea-level rises I find
it impossible to believe these measures could cover all eventualities in such a
sensitive site for thousands of years."


Keith continued:
"Romney Marsh is one of the most precious wildlife-rich wetlands in the country
and home to many rare species. This is a common resource which should be
protected for people to enjoy. The proposal that it should be turned into an
out-of-the-way dump for this country’s forgotten toxic waste is not a vision
that I can support, and is not one that I believe is in the best interest of
local residents."


Keith continued:
"Fundamentally, this proposal highlights one of the major problems with nuclear
energy generation – there is no safe disposal or decontamination method for
nuclear waste. The government is now compounding this problem by backing the
creation of new nuclear power plants and hoping they can offload the nuclear
waste issue onto the people of Shepway."


Keith concluded: "The
UK government would have us believe that nuclear is necessary for a low-carbon
future, but this just isn’t the case. Renewable energy is affordable, safe and
clean and the UK has some of the best resources in Europe. I am fully aware of
the urgent need for jobs in the area around Romney Marsh, but these should come
from investment in energy efficiency measures and clean renewable energy
generation which doesn’t leave the toxic legacy of nuclear."




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