The European Union has today announced it s sending €34 million to Algeria to ‘to put the environment and efforts to tackle the impact of climate change at the heart of the country’s development policies’.

“With 13% of the EU budget coming from UK taxpayers, almost £3.5 million of our money is being poured into the desert sand,” said Roger Helmer MEP, the UKIP spokesman on Energy and Climate Change.

“The money is part of the so-called ‘neighbourhood and partnership instrument’ and they state that it will be used for ‘a national climate plan, an ecological monitoring system for the coast, management plans for protected areas and studies of public investment costs and recurrent costs, including maintenance’.

“These people still think that Europe has great packets of cash that it can afford to dole out on whatever fashionable cause catches its eye.

“Meanwhile, we are facing increasing austerity at home and millions of people across Europe are being forced into poverty by the actions of their own governments and the EU.

“It’s crazy to waste our money on these projects, but at a time of financial crisis is deeply inappropriate.”