UKIP will ensure the British people have a government with the will to punish those who threaten and harm them. We believe victims’ rights are more important than the rights and comfort of criminals. It is time to implement forthright law and order policies and to adopt zero tolerance on crime. UKIP will:

· Make the police democratically accountable, by introducing directly-elected County Police Boards who can appoint and dismiss Chief Constables. These Boards will ensure the police listen to local people when setting policing priorities rather than blindly following politically correct Home Office diktats. UKIP demands a serious return to beat policing

 · Scrap the misconceived Human Rights Act. This will make Britain safer by removing obstacles that prevent the deportation of dangerous Imams, terror suspects and criminals to countries where they are wanted for trial. This policy is in line with the UK’s current prisoner exchange and extradition treaties. UKIP will also halt European moves to give prisoners the vote

· Ensure sentences mean what they say: life must mean life. There can be no bargaining for murderers, rapists and paedophiles.

· Double prison places through better use of existing prisons and a substantial programme of new prison building. UKIP will also end the scandal of early releases and weak sentencing. This will cost approximately £2bn p.a. in contrast to the cost of crime, estimated by the Home Office at £45bn p.a.

· Rebalance the law to protect residents who seek to defend their own homes, families or property against intruders

· Introduce a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy to deal with persistent offenders and make our streets safer for the public

· Withdraw from the European Arrest Warrant scheme which allows innocent British citizens to be summarily extradited, even on offences that do not exist in the UK. We will reintroduce the need to prove the case for extradition before British judges, based on prima facie evidence. UKIP strongly opposes plans for a new European Public Prosecutor

· Allow binding national referenda on controversial public law and order issues that are outside party politics. The public must have the final say