A newspaper advertisement for a “climate change manager” for Nottingham City Council has once again illustrated just how dearly this fad costs the hard-pressed British taxpayer.

Exactly why Nottingham City Council regards the acquisition of a “climate change manager” as a must — and a very expensive must at that — when all the evidence shows that climate change has been occurring for as long as planet earth has been in existence, is not explained.

Furthermore, observers have asked is there something about the climate in the city of Nottingham and its environs that sets it aside from that embracing the remainder of the country.

If Nottingham Civic Centre’s water supply still utilises the city’s original system of Victorian lead pipes, then that could explain a lot.

Either way a recent advertisement placed in the Guardian for a “climate change manager”, at a salary of up to £39,855 per annum, does suggest that there are some at the Labour controlled town hall in dire need of a mental assessment, in a city increasingly blighted by poverty and unemployment.

A British National Party administration would no more be seeking to employ a “climate change manager” than an alchemist with a remit to turn base metal into gold.

Instead, a BNP administration would spend council taxpayers’ money on real services that benefit the whole community — with the funding of a mental health manager’s post being a distinct possibility.