That this Housewelcomes the constituency profiles prepared by Citizens Advice Scotland on the employment and support allowance (ESA); notes that in 2009 citizens advice bureaux in Scotland dealt with over 180,000 new benefit issues, over 15,000 of which were regarding ESA; further notes that over 200,000 incapacity benefit claimants in Scotland will undergo medical assessments for ESA in the next four years and almost a quarter will be found fit for work; recognises that the current medical assessment process for ESA is unfit for purpose and has incorrectly found sick and disabled people fit for work; further notes that evidence from bureaux across Scotland has found that 70 per cent. of clients who appealed against their ESA decision and were represented by a bureau adviser have had their appeal upheld; acknowledges that Citizens Advice Scotland’s use of client evidence means that it speaks with authority on relevant and pressing issues that directly affect people living in Scotland; and calls on the Government to ensure that benefit claimants who are unable to work are correctly assessed for the support and assistance they need.