Britain’s taxpayer-funded foreign aid budget is now at least £2 billion higher than England’s university education budget, with Tory, Labour and Lib Dems all committed to spending even more on overseas “aid” next year.

According to figures released by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), universities will be provided with a fund of £7.3 billion next year, which is some £449 million less than what the institutions expected or needed.

This will cause job losses and thousands of fewer places for British kids at university next year. Scottish and Welsh universities will receive their budgets later, but they are also expected to face cuts.

At the same time, a statement issued by the Department for International Development (DFID) revealed that the “direct spend” budget of the Government’s foreign aid programme for 2010/11 is £7.76 billion — the difference being more than the cut to England’s university funding budget.

As shocking as these figures are, the DFID announcement has deliberately understated the budget spend, hiding the true cost with an administrative trick.

The figures they announced are only the direct aid programme, and not the total cost, which is called the ‘Gross Public Expenditure on Development’ (GPEX), which adds nearly £2 billion each year to total DFID expenditure.

For example, the GPEX in 2007/08 amounted to £6.027 billion, of which £5.2 billion was direct aid. The GPEX for 2006/07 was £7.4 billion, of which £4.9 billion was direct aid, and the GPEX for 2005/06 was £6.6 billion, of which £4.4 billion was direct aid.

Almost all universities have seen funding reduced, with the biggest loser being the London Business School which has had 12 percent taken off its budget. The education budget cuts come at the same time that record numbers of people have applied to go to university.

The Government has claimed that the “deficit” is the cause of the budget cuts.

This does not however explain why the Labour regime can find £9 billion per year for foreign aid and £3 billion per year for the war in Afghanistan.

It seems that the ruling elite would much rather give tax money in “aid” to nuclear powers like Pakistan and India, and fight an illegal and immoral war in Afghanistan, than subsidise British universities.

The Tories are equally complicit in this treason against Britain. The Conservative Party is committed to continuing the conflict in Afghanistan and has announced that they will intensify British involvement in that war.

In addition, the Tories have also promised to increase the foreign aid budget to £13 billion per year.

Only the British National Party demands the immediate withdrawal of Britain from the Afghanistan war which has nothing to do with us.

Only the British National Party says that all foreign aid should be halted and these billions spent on pressing problems — such as education — at home.

Only the British National Party puts the interests of the British people first.