That this House notes that brain tumours kill more people, including children, under the age of 40 yearsthan any other cancer; further notes that brain tumours are responsible for an average loss of life of 20 years, which is more than most other cancers, and that up to 40 per cent of all cancers which initiate outside the brain end up with a secondary cancer in the brain; further notes that despite leaps forward in diagnostic technology and treatment, life expectancy for people living with brain tumours has not significantly improved for 40 years and that brain tumour research receives only 0.7 per cent of all money spent on cancer research in the UK; therefore supports the efforts made by the Brain Tumour Consortium to ensure that existing medical guidelines are followed to ensure early diagnosis and treatment for everyone affected by a brain tumour; believes that all those diagnosed with a brain tumour should receive a consistently high standard of treatment and care throughout the UK; and further believes thatthere should be a significantly enhanced national programme of brain tumour research which reflects the number of people affected by brain tumours.

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