The British National Party in Scotland aims to have at least twelve candidates in the forthcoming general election, BNP Scotland leader Gary Raikes has announced.

Speaking at a Scottish organisers’ meeting held last Sunday, Mr Raikes confirmed that the party had already lined up ten candidates and was in the process of selecting the remaining two.

“We are confident we can make the full twelve candidate target,” Mr Raikes said, adding that the party had already reached its initial aim of ten seats to be contested.

The organisers’ meeting dealt with candidate administration issues, dealing with the media and campaign tactics.

Aberdeen organiser Barry Scott reported that his group will be putting up two billboards to aid Susan Ross’s campaign, a first for the BNP in Scotland.

“We are also hoping to secure the truth truck for a tour of our target seats backed up by a newspaper campaign based on the Barking paper used down south,” Mr Raikes added.

A new organiser for Lothian, David Orr, has been appointed to build on the good work done by Mike Coyle who, due to family bereavement, has had to stand down from the role. “I know all BNP members will wish him and his family well; we are all thinking of Mr Coyle at this difficult time,” Mr Raikes said.

Mr Orr’s father has been one of Scotland BNP’s longest serving activists and is a candidate in the coming election.

“A fundraising evening with guest speaker Cllr Paul Golding will be held in Aberdeen on Feb 16th followed by another event in Glasgow in March with Chairman Nick Griffin,” Mr Raikes said.

“This weekend activists from Glasgow are travelling to Aberdeen to help Susan’s campaign. BNP Scotland have candidates standing in all North East seats in this election which is another first,” he concluded.