Local super activist and former councillor David Fleming has been nominated to contest the North West Norfolk parliamentary constituency for the British National Party, it has been announced.

Mr Fleming has a political pedigree spanning three and a half decades, going back to his elected membership of Ealing council in the 1970s and 1980s, followed by his membership of Hertfordshire County Council.

His vast experience in local government matters will therefore stand him in good stead, as has been proven by the sensational 34.6 percent of the vote he took in the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk local elections.

Mr Fleming has been a BNP member for just over three years. In that time he has risen to be an organiser and has stood in local and Euro elections for the party.

Mr Fleming quickly earned the respect of the party at large for his achievements, experience and political acumen. His most notable campaign was being part of a small team which successfully submitted an objection to a planning application for an Islamic centre in King’s Lynn.

The other parties have been shaken by the dramatic growth of the BNP under Mr Fleming’s hand in the area. The local council has even created a special office, funded by £98,000 of public money, to fight the BNP under the guise of “community relations.”

“One of the biggest battles we face locally is the massive allocation of social housing to foreigners in the BNP’s strongest ward, where I live,” Mr Fleming said. As a result, Mr Fleming has already featured on the Politics Show for the Eastern Counties where he has accused New Labour of financial gerrymandering and bribery.

“I would like to appeal for all supporters in the area to rally to our cause in preparation for what is likely to be a hate-filled smear campaign from our opponents,” Mr Fleming said.