The British National Party’s general election campaign will move into high gear next week when its manifesto will be launched and an official announcement will be made that the party is standing 338 parliamentary and 780 local candidates.

“We are gearing up for our manifesto launch next Friday in Stoke,” party leader Nick Griffin MEP told BNP News.

“I can promise the public many surprises in the document, which is without doubt one of the most comprehensive manifestos ever produced by any nationalist party in British political history,” Mr Griffin said.

“The final number of candidates is even higher than we first expected, and is a reflection of a growing awareness amongst the public that something urgently needs to be done to prevent Britain being utterly destroyed by the Labour/Tory/Lib Dem con artists.

“The TV broadcasts are also nearing completion and the BNP’s slot will without doubt be the most powerful out of all the parties’,” Mr Griffin said.

Asked about his own campaign in Barking, Mr Griffin said that despite the efforts of the far left lunatics in the Labour Party, the Communist Party front organisation Searchlight and the crackpot violent Trotskyites of the UAF, the BNP’s campaign was running like clockwork.

“These outsiders have come in and tried to stir up racial tension, but the local ethnic community has not fallen for their lies and there is no trouble at all,” Mr Griffin said.

“On the contrary, I have had a great response whereever I go in the constituency,” he continued.

“Last weekend, the BBC was bitterly disappointed when they followed me around. Door after door after door produced highly positive responses, something I am sure that the BBC bosses were not hoping to see.”

Mr Griffin said that the constituency of Barking “in many ways” represents the future of Britain unless the BNP comes to power.

Unemployment is now close to 10 percent. More than a third of its children are born into poverty, something that must bear correlation to the fact that 50 percent of school pupils are from the so-called ethnic ‘minorities’.

“The number of residents on the social housing waiting list has gone up again, to over 28,000. At the same time, council housing stock has fallen from 40,000 to 18,000 and Barking and Dagenham council failed to build any public housing for the past 25 years — until, of course, the BNP won council seats in the borough.”

Mr Griffin said that he was confident that the election on 6 May would show substantial growth for the party all over the country.