Former Labour PM Tony Blair has recently been angling for a return to frontline politicsand has now announced that he is deeply worried that Britain could decide by referendum to leave the EU with the ensuing poiitical fallout becoming just as big as the euro crisis.

He said: “If more competences are transferred to the EU, then its democratic legitimacy must be built up too.

“Britain must play a strong role in this. Because we need a balance between European institutions and the nation states.

In response to those concerns, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP said: “Blair must be congratulated for noticing that the EU is perceived to be anti-democratic. There’s a good reason for that, Tony – it is!

“For someone who spent his career driving us deeper into European integration and increasing our financial commitment to the European Union, it is odd that he suddenly recognises the importance of the nation state.

“A referendum would be a democracy in action and would finally give the British people a chance to overrule career politicians like him.

“Tony Blair recognises the importance of democracy, but don’t be fooled. There’s no way he believes in it.”