That this House is aware that atypical haemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) is a very rare disease causing irreversible kidney failure and for which until recently there has been no effective treatment; notes that there are fewer than 200 patients suffering from the condition in the UK most of whom have an underlying immune system abnormality which is thought to be the cause of the disease; understands that a new medicine called eculizumab is now licensed for the treatment of this illness, with interim results from its clinical trials suggesting that it significantly improves patient outcomes by preventing kidney failures and, for those on dialysis, enables a successful kidney transplant; further notes that the Advisory Group for National Specialised Sevicesis currently considering an application for a national specialised service for the diagnosis and treatment of aHUS in the UK which would end existing postcode inequalities and ensure eculizumab is available to all patients who need the drug in England; and believes such an outcome should be reached at the earliest opportunity.

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