Julian Assange has been driven to the extremity of seeking political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy because of the injustices of the European Arrest Warrant, say UKIP.

The Party’s Justice spokesman, Gerard Batten MEP, said” “Last summer I discussed with him the possibility of seeking political asylum in Britain which now seems to have a cruel irony. He has now taken that idea to a whole new level.

“Under the EAW, British citizens and guests in our country, are no longer protected by our own courts from arbitrary arrest and imprisonment by EU states. On the strength of a piece of paper anyone can be shipped off to a foreign country to languish for months or years in a foreign prison.

“It is not even necessary for the EU state requesting extradition to prefer charges first. Mr Assange is only wanted for questioning for alleged offences. He could have been questioned by a Swedish police officer coming to London or by a telephone or video link.

“Mr Assange was in Sweden for some time prior to coming to London when he could have been questioned by the Swedish authorities, and I understand he offered to do so. He fears the accusations against him are inspired by political motives, and  if he is extradited to Sweden that he might then be extradited onward to the USA.

“Under EAW provisions this could not be done without the permission of Britain where he was originally detained – however in these circumstances it would no longer be British judges who decided on his onward extradition to the USA but the Home Secretary. How could we trust our Government, so grovellingly servile to the USA, to resist any pressure to do so?

“Perhaps some deal has been negotiated by Mr Assange with the Ecuadorians whereby they bestow diplomatic immunity on him? Then he could leave the country without interference from the British authorities. We shall have to wait and see.”