More than 1000 new membership applications have been received by the British National Party since the membership ban was lifted last Friday, party leader Nick Griffin MEP has announced.

In a special email newsletter released exclusively to subscribers yesterday, Mr Griffin said: “Trevor Phillips and his twisted band of anti-British bigots will probably have a hysterical fit when they read this, but over 1,000 people have joined the British National Party since the membership ban was lifted on Friday afternoon.”

Mr Griffin then took the opportunity to thank all those supporters who gave generously during the difficult months of the membership ban.

“Without your generosity, determination and quintessential British stubbornness, our party would have been bankrupted long ago,” he said.

The BNP call centre has worked non-stop to cope with the incoming calls and mail-based applications and is putting in extra hours to handle the influx.

“The general election is fast approaching and we cannot afford to lose a single day now,” Mr Griffin continued.

“Thanks to the membership ban being lifted, there are multiple ways in which you can help kick-start our campaign. Everyone can now help our campaign, members and non-members alike,” he said.

The first method Mr Griffin outlined was to “join the British Resistance.”

“The BNP is the only hope for our country, our children and grandchildren. Why not join the British Resistance to political correctness, multiculturalism and the enforced colonisation of our country? Standard membership costs only £30.”

Membership application can be made online

The second method of helping is to become a Life Member.

“Life members are that small elite of British patriots that sign up to the cause of British nationalism for life, not just for one year. Life membership comes with various other attractive benefits,” Mr Griffin said.

Life membership can be purchased

The third method is to become a Gold Member. “Gold members stand out from the crowd due to the unique gold membership badge which tells everybody that you have made the extra commitment,” Mr Griffin said.

Gold membership costs just £60 and can be purchased

“The fourth way in which you can help the party,” Mr Griffin continued, is to upgrade your membership.

“Why not upgrade your existing membership to Gold or even Life? Upgrading your membership shows your commitment to our cause and provides real and substantial benefits to you and the party,” he said.

Upgrades can be purchased

The fifth method of helping the party is to join the Trafalgar Club.

“This is the BNP’s exclusive dining and fundraising club. Members of the Trafalgar Club are not party members, so it is a perfect option for those supporters who wish to help without actually joining the party,” Mr Griffin said.

Trafalgar Club membership may be purchased

The sixth method through which you can help the party is a direct donation to the election campaign.

“Straightforward donations to our general election campaign war chest are needed more than ever,” Mr Griffin said.

“Time is running out fast and unless we all dig deep our campaign won’t get off the ground.” Donations may be made online

“Alternatively call 0207-078-8838 and speak with a member of our team for any of the options above,” Mr Griffin said.

“Above all, we need all members and supporters to swing into furious action, leafleting, canvassing, distributing literature.

“If you are unable for one reason or another to be active in our general election, then please choose from one of the six methods outlined above to give our activists the tools they need to fight this election and win,” he concluded.

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