The Democratic Unionist Party Manifesto 2010 was released today.

You can view the PDF version in full at Democratic Unionist Party Manifesto 2010.

DUP Manifesto 2010 Introduction

Northern Ireland has made significant progress under the stewardship of the Democratic Unionist Party. Today the DUP is the largest party in the Northern Ireland Executive and could have a key role to play in the establishment of a United Kingdom Government after the General Election.

The platform we outline, as well as demonstrating our policies on a broad range of issues, will clearly form the basis for our priorities in the context of a hung Parliament.

There are two key themes to our campaign:

Building stability and prosperity in Northern Ireland through improved and more efficient local political institutions,

Directing resources in public services towards preventative and early intervention measures, and frontloading funding for the first few years of life.

We want tax-payers’ money to deliver the greatest long-term benefits for individuals and society. Across a range of sectors we are outlining comprehensive proposals for improving the economy, public services and quality of life in the United Kingdom, and Northern Ireland in particular.

Within the overall UK context we are committed to securing the best deal for the people of Northern Ireland. We ask you to give us the strongest mandate to negotiate the best deal for Northern Ireland over the Parliamentary term and in the event of a hung Parliament. Such a scenario offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain key strategic gains for unionism.

A vote for the DUP is a vote for:
– unionist unity
– strong positive Unionist leadership
– the best deal for Northern Ireland at Westminster
– a long-term strategy for Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland has made massive strides. There is still much to be done.Together we can make things better. We ask for your support. Let’s Keep Northern Ireland Moving Forward.

Rt Hon Peter Robinson MLA Party Leader